Moving In the Rain Does Not Have to Ruin Your Plans

Moving In the Rain Does Not Have to Ruin Your Plans

As much as you try to avoid it, moving in the rain can be unavoidable. No matter how much you monitor the weather, there is always a chance that your moving truck arrives with a little bit of unexpected precipitation. If you can reschedule, take advantage of that opportunity, but if you need to move out that day, we have tips to keep you covered and dry!

Gear Up For the Rain

If there is ever a day that you will need your rain-wear, it is a rainy moving day. Moving in the rain can turn dangerous. Protect yourself from rainwater slips and falls with rubber rain boots. Keep your gaze clear from raindrops with rimmed hats or baseball caps. In addition, bring a change of clothes you can wear if you get too wet.

Waterproof Your Things Before the Move

Moving in the rain means you need to protect nearly all of your belongings. Many materials like wood, cloth fabrics, and electronics can be damaged by rainwater and should be wrapped in plastic when you are moving. Likewise, anything that can be bagged in trash bags and other plastic bags should be bagged for easy water protection. Shrinkwrap can be worth the investment if you want to save your bigger and more valuable items from the rain.

Protect Your Team From the Rain

Above all, keeping yourself and your team safe should be your priority because moving in the rain is dangerous. By doing this, you will get the job done quickly and safely. First, crank up the heat to keep your team from freezing because of the rain. Second, lay a cheap rug or welcome mat to let them wipe their shoes on and get rid of any muddy muck. Third, flatten down cardboard boxes on any slippery surfaces to make it easier for wet shoes to move through the house. Lastly, keep cheap towels on hand in the entrance if the rain is heavy so your team can wipe down their face and hands.

Follow a System During the Move

As always, the organization really is the key to any successful moving project. The first step is to create an assembly line to move everything efficiently—station one to two people and the truck to move boxes out to the dry unloading area. These will be the only people in the rain to eliminate confusion. Second, have one person at the unloading station ready to dry the boxes as they come in and keep a safe workspace for the rest of the team to dry off from the rain. A third station will have another person responsible for distributing the materials to the correct room. Of course, if this doesn’t work for you, create a system that does. Keeping fewer people bumping into each other while moving in the rain will help your team greatly.

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