Moving in the Summer: Best Tips

Moving in the Summer: Best Tips

Summer is the most popular time of the year to move. While the snowy days are gone, moving in the summer comes with its unique challenges. Crowded spots and high temperatures are easy to manage with some planning and preparation. Beat the heat and move in with a breeze with these simple tips.

Plan Ahead with Movers

Summer is a popular season to move, so moving companies will become busy fast. If you decide that you will need a team to help, you need to book them in advance. You can even save money and get the best possible services by planning.

Next, ask them specific questions about your moving day. Confirm exact times to move in and out of your home. Investigate which items can or can not be moved. Take this time to fill in the gaps about your move and take out the guesswork on moving day. Write everything down, and your big day should be a breeze!

Prepare for Hot Weather

Summer is hot hot hot. You and your team must remain hydrated. You will lose much water as you go through the rooms with no air conditioning and open doors. Have bottled water for your team and yourself in cars and at your new place. Taking care of your team will only make your day better.

You must also protect your skin. Your clothes should be loose and made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. This protection will make the physical work in the hot sun more bearable. Whites and other light colors do not attract sunlight as dark colors do. Additionally, make sure your clothes are still functional for your move. You should swap dresses and flip-flops with T-shirts, shorts, and comfortable, sturdy shoes. This clothing will help avoid injuries. Finally, wear your sunscreen on all uncovered parts of your body. Any SPF that is 30 or higher and waterproof to give yourself the best protection.

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