Moving to Woodbridge? Here’s What To Know

Moving to Woodbridge? Here’s What To Know

Woodbridge, Virginia, sits just outside of Washington D.C. With so many suburbs closer to the capital, why should you consider moving to Woodbridge? We have those answers.

Better Cost of Living

While Alexandria and Arlington are closer to the nation’s capital, they are also more expensive. This southern suburb offers downtown condos at $800 per square foot. While this is certainly a hefty expense, it is less than the surrounding areas. For example, the median home cost of Woodbridge is 40.8% less than that of Alexandria. When you are talking about these pricey homes, a 40% difference can be a big deal to how much you can invest in other areas of your life.

It Is Much Safer

Not only is this city more affordable than surrounding areas, but it is much safer. Woodbridge falls behind the national average by two-thirds, and it falls behind national violent crime rates by 75%. This makes it the perfect place for those starting their families. In fact, many families have settled down in this suburb and taken part in the top-rated schools of the area.

There Is So Much To Do

Woodbridge may not be Washington D.C., but that does not mean it is boring! Are you a nature lover? Spend a Saturday exploring Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge! Are you more of an addictive shopper? Try Potomac Mills, where they have stores of all kinds. They certainly do not skip out on their love of food. Bistro L’Hermitage has the best French cuisine in the area. Presto Pizza serves thin-crust pizza, pasta, paninis, and any other Italian you could ask for.

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