Mug Collection Showcase Ideas

Mug Collection Showcase Ideas

Everyone can agree that mugs are one thing that you can never have too much of. So what do you do when your favorites are being crammed into a cupboard that barely has enough space? Here are our favorite mug collection organization ideas to show off your collection.

Cabinets with Windows

Try open-style cabinets. Windows make the perfect way for guests to enjoy your collections. They give the perfect rustic, farmhouse look to a kitchen. Place your favorite ones at the front of your shelves and change as you see fit to create the perfect look.

Hang from A Peg Board

For the extra crafty mug collectors, a pegboard would be the way to go. They are cheap at any art store, and you can decorate them any way you want. Use paint, stencils, or even stickers to make it your own. Then, once it is dry, you can put your mugs in any way that you want. Arrange them based on your travels or your personality wherever you want them on the board!

Hooks Under Cabinets

This is a cute way to show off a select few of your collection. It is easy to assemble with hooks on the underside of the cabinet. Hang your favorite cups by their handle for a fun display.

Build a Coffee Bar

If you love your mugs, you probably love your coffee. Create a DIY coffee bar with a mug cabinet of your favorite set for a put-together look. Use this guide from HGTV for fast and easy instructions. All you will need are copper pipe, S hooks, paint, and wood boards. You can create a sophisticated look to start your day off right in the morning.

Floating Shelves

This is the best way to take advantage of vertical space in the kitchen. Install your shelves above a bar, or wherever makes sense in your kitchen. With this style, you can make it your own and order them however you want.

If you can not find a place to store your favorites in your mug collection but need to clear out your kitchen cabinets, try self storage! We offer units are all sizes to satisfy every need. Please take a look at our storage guide to see what fits your needs. If you have any questions, call our storage experts at 1-866-531-2675.

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