Need An Extra Garage During the Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Need An Extra Garage During the Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Irene passed through the east coast this year causing power outages, flooding, property damage and downed trees.  Residents of Hampton Roads, Virginia feared we faced another storm like Hurricane Isabel which caused widespread devastation in our area in September of 2003.  In the end, Irene hit Hampton Roads with less severity than Isabel; but when it comes to Atlantic hurricanes, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

In the days leading up to the anticipated landfall of Irene, I had several people asking me about car storage as well as storage for boats, RVs, campers, Waverunners and motorcycles.  Owners of small boats and other recreational equipment often store them on their property with a cover on them.  If they are fortunate enough to have a garage, they’re sometimes faced with the choice of housing their recreational equipment in their garage or using their garage for vehicle storage during the storm. 

I understood their concerns.  I remember how the tornados from the bands of Hurricane Dennis in 1999 ripped through a couple of well-known apartment communities in Hampton and smashed out every car window in the parking lots.  I remember a friend of mine who had to rebuild after her neighbor’s small boat ripped through her kitchen during Hurricane Isabel.  Then, I thought about some of the other hurricanes in the past and realized that even though Irene passed, the Atlantic hurricane season is still in full force and doesn’t officially end until November 30th.  In fact, some of the biggest storms in recent history came in September, including Felix, Floyd, Frances, Hugo, Ike, Ivan, Isabel, and Rita.

Preparation definitely helps protect your assets from the ravages of a storm.   If you had an empty garage, you would probably use it for auto storage to protect your car.  If you don’t have a garage or one that is empty enough for your car, self storage is a great solution.  Mini Price Storage can be your extra garage during the Atlantic Hurricane season. 

Mini Price Storage offers drive-up garage spaces that measure 9 x 23 to 10 x 40 feet, Click Here To See Our Unit Sizes.   A drive-up storage space works well for automobile storage.  It even leaves enough room to store yard ornaments, patio furniture and other objects that might need to be secured from high winds.  If you live in an area that floods or have to evacuate, car storage at Mini Price can get your car to higher grounds and give you peace of mind.

Drive-up spaces also work well for storing motorcycles, ATVs, Waverunners and small boats.  Campers and Recreational Vehicles depend somewhat on the dimensions of the vehicle and the required turn radius to park it in a storage space.  Your storage specialistat Mini Price Storage can help answer all your questions, Click Here For Help.  Remember, the Atlantic Hurricane season extends through November 30th.  It’s never too soon to make that call.  


Post By: Julie Butts – Self Storage Expert & Blogger


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