Noblemen of Virginia Beach Golf Tournament

Noblemen of Virginia Beach Golf Tournament

We are proud to sponsor the 2021 Noblemen of Virginia Beach Golf Tournament. As a silver partner of the Noblemen of Virginia Beach, we are excited to get behind this event. The golf tournament will benefit local disadvantaged families with special needs children.

Noblemen of Virginia Beach

The Noblemen of Virginia Beach started in 1995, two years after the founder, Al Midgett, had a son born 13 weeks prematurely. The son, Matthew, was brought back to life twice at Virginia Beach General Hospital. After 3 weeks, he was transferred to The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. Once at the hospital, the doctors gave him a 50% chance of survival instead of the previous 2% at VBGH. Matthew stayed there for 3 months with several ups and downs before finally coming home on Al’s birthday. While the family had about $5,000 set aside for hospital bills, the invoices totaled just over $560,000.00! With no medical insurance for another 6 months, the family did not know what to do. Luckily, Al has some pretty great friends. They banded together to throw a party and raise funds for their medical bills. The event was a hit, and they could raise enough to cover the majority of the debt!

After this experience, the same friends got together to continue with this new intention. They created the Robin Hoods of Virginia Beach, an ode to the stealth-like ability of Robin Hood and an effort to stay in touch with the children they aimed to help. Over the next 10 years, they grew their connection with the community. They raised funds and hosted events all to help children and families in need. Until 2005, when The Robin Hood Foundation from New York City strongly requested a cease and desist. In 2006, they became known as The Noblemen and trademarked their name to preserve it. The group meets monthly to help kids and change lives in Hampton Roads.

If helping children is a passion of yours, consider joining the Noblemen of Virginia Beach!

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