Packing Up the Holidays

Packing Up the Holidays

Many think it is time to take your holiday decorations down as we get closer to the first weekend of the new year. As fun as it is to see the Christmas decorations in your home, taking them down is often not as much fun. There is a lot to tackle between the wreaths, dishware, outdoor decorations, and ornaments. Luckily, there are a few ways to make this process manageable and straightforward. Try some of these tips and see how easy packing up your holidays can be!


Stringed lights get tangled no matter what you seem to do. There are several methods to get these lights in order, but there is one that keeps the job quick and straightforward. First, as you take your lights down from the tree, hold one end in your hand and loop around your elbow as you destring. Then when you reach the end of your lights, tie the ends in place with a zip tie and place all the strings into the same plastic bag. You can even use a cardboard box with a slit cut to store multiple string lights if you wish.


Do you use fake Christmas trees during the holidays? Ideally, you would have kept the box it came in, but what if you let that go? Or what if you have a hard time fitting it back into that box? There are other options. The best way to pack that tree again is to work backward and bundle up each branch to get the tree as straight as possible. Finally, wrap it up with plastic wrap.


Ornaments are most likely your most fragile stowaways. Packing up these ornaments in standard plastic tubs with tissue paper incur a careful game of Tetris and broken ornaments next year. Give yourself and your ornaments their best chance. You can use an ornament storage box like this one from Walmart. They can make a massive difference if you want to stop the annual cycle of broken ornaments. However, you can opt for the DIY version if you are crafty! Make your own by using strips of cardboard to crisscross and fit ornaments in between the square holes. Use a sheet of cardboard between each layer to protect your ornaments.


When packing up for the holidays, choose your location wisely. Many choose an attic or a basement to get these items out of the way. By using these options in your house, you can focus on the rest of the year and keep the main areas of your home clear. What happens when these areas of your home are overflowing? Self storage can be a great solution! At Mini Price Storage, we make your move-in day as convenient as possible. Our free move-in trucks and discounted moving supplies make the process easy! Plus, all our units have free heating and cooling, giving your items an added layer of protection for year-round storage. Look at our storage guide to see what space works best for you, and then talk to our representatives! They are happy to get the best storage space they can for you and answer any questions you have about the process. 1-866-531-2675

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