Scary to Simple: Packing Up Halloween Decorations

Scary to Simple: Packing Up Halloween Decorations

This upcoming Halloween marks the first of a string of holidays that have us digging into our storage bins to find our most impressive decorations. While some love hanging lights and adorning their houses some dread the rummaging that comes with it. Our storage experts have some helpful tips on how to take some of the stress out of the holidays!

Before you put these decorations away, look to see what is still sitting in the boxes. If you haven’t used your decorations this year, it is highly unlikely you will use them in the coming years. Consider donating or tossing your unused items to save storage space as well as making unpacking easier for the next year!

Next, you’ll want to make sure all your items are clean. No one likes opening old boxes just to find more dust. Make sure you wipe down your decorations before you put them away. Any inflatable decorations from outside might need to be power washed. Speaking of outside, fully inspect your outside items to ensure that there are no critters nesting in your decorations. That would be a truly creepy surprise the next Halloween season!

Now you need to choose how to store your items. We suggest using plastic containers (as opposed to cardboard boxes) as it is a lot harder for pests to break through. It would be wise to color coordinate your containers by the holiday so that it is easier to pick out of your storage unit the following day.

Once everything is clean and organized, it is now time to start packing! Instead of packing all of the lights together and all of the pumpkins together, pack by the room. By doing this, unpacking the next year will be a piece of cake – or a piece of pumpkin pie! After everything is all packed up, give us a call and we’ll make storage a breeze with our facilities and a free move-in truck!

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