Park Terrace Community Makes A Difference With The Feed The Children Program

Park Terrace Community Makes A Difference With The Feed The Children Program

Maure Williams, Mini Price Manager (top row on the left), Park 
Terrace Community Manager, Charlotte O’Brien (top row, on the 
right), with local Feed The Children volunteers.

Mini Price Storage heard about a grassroots community program in Norfolk this summer that we found heart-warming.  Three residents and the Community Manager of Park Terrace Apartments, located at 1120 Park Avenue in Norfolk, joined together to create a summer meal program they call “Feed the Children”.  Meals are provided by Child Nutrition Services and served by these dedicated women from 12:30-1:30 pm Monday – Friday.

Charlotte O’Brien, the Community Manager, reports that 25-40 children in need are provided a nutritious balanced meal each day.  In previous years, the apartment community only had one conference table and a few chairs where the kids could sit down to eat.  When we heard about the lack of seating available, Mini Price donated three conference tables and twenty chairs to support their program.

The leaders of this team are visionaries.  They want to provide more than a nutritious meal once per day.  They want to provide a mentorship program that helps steer these children in the right direction.  They’re seeking assistance from other organizations in the community to mentor the kids on a career day.  They also want help in teaching the kids how to handle bullying and how to stay away from drugs.

Park Terrace recently built a new playground area where the children can play after eating their free meal.  It’s amazing what a community can do when they join together with a common vision.  The “Feed the Children” program started on June 26th and will continue until August 3rd.  Donations, volunteers, and mentors are welcomed.  They are currently seeking donations for school supplies for these children.  Ms. O’Brien may be reached at 757-624-8613.

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