Pet Supplies Tips

Pet Supplies Tips

Once you get a pet, it tends to take over your life. You get all kinds of toys and treats that start in a small designated space then slowly, but surely you start tripping over pet supplies in every room of your house. Organized Mom has some great tips to keep your pet’s things clear and defined within your own space!

Design an area for your least-used pet accessories
This may be a shelf or a couple of drawers. Make sure that you have enough space to store your smaller-sized pet supplies within that area. Fit your dog brushes, old collars, and holiday outfits into their separate boxes, respectively. As long as these items can be contained on a shelf or in a drawer, they can stay to be stored!

Keep your paperwork contained
Create a folder or basket just for your important pet paperwork. This can include anything from vaccination records to state licensing so that it is all in one place. It would also be a good idea to keep contact information for your veterinarian and the emergency pet hospital should you need it. This folder or basket is best kept with the other dog supplies you don’t need everyday or next to your other important family documents.

Keep walking supplies by the front door.
Use a tote bag to store everything you will need for your dog walks. This bag can include your dog leashes, dog bag dispensers, tennis balls, some dog treats, and even dog sweaters to keep everything in one place. Hang this bag on a hook by the front door or inside the nearby closet to stay organized and free up space in your drawers.

Store away pet food
Most people want their pet’s heavy bag of food to be stored out of sight. This can be done easily with the right container! Some containers even have wheels so they can be moved between a closet and the dog bowl without too much stress on your back. Pro Tip: To save up on space but, more importantly, your wallet, consider buying bags in smaller amounts. Most think the large bag is cheaper, but often it is more expensive.

Confine your pet’s toys
Keep your pet’s toys to one basket in one room. Pet toys have the biggest habit of spreading all over your house. Every time you see one on the ground, make it a habit to pick them up and throw them in the toy basket. This is the best defense to keep your house clean and organized with a pet.

Check back for more organization tips!

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