Products for Easy Holiday Decoration Storage

Products for Easy Holiday Decoration Storage

There are few things as frustrating as stripping your space of holiday decorations and fitting each item into a cramped space while trying to protect your things. Here are some popular items that can help you save your holiday items while saving on storage space!

Gift Wrap Storage Bag
Gift wrap can be one of the most awkward items to put into storage. A poorly designed storage system can result in crumpled and otherwise ruined gift wrap. Storage bags like THIS ONE at Home Depot keep your wrapping paper upright and properly coiled. The attached compartment also keeps your ribbon and other gift trimmings organized and in one place. Consider keeping a pair of scissors and tape in this compartment for an easy present wrapping experience in the future.

Wreath Holders
Wreaths are hard to store. They gather dust, get flattened, and get torn apart with every box they are shoved into. Use a wreath holder to preserve the shape and condition of your wreath. Amazon offers a great durable, waterproof wreath holder that will last for years.

Light Reels
No matter how careful you are, your holiday lights always seem to come out of storage tangled. Lowes offers holiday light reels with their own bags. This allows you to easily store your lights in an organized manner so that they do not end up tangled, and you can easily untangle them when you are ready each year.

Ornament Chest
Ornaments are among the most breakable objects in your storage space. Even with all of the care in the world, some ornaments are just too fragile and end up breaking. Organizing each ornament into a chest allows them to be stored without being crushed by one another. Wayfair Basics offers many different sizes to fit Christmas trees of every size.

Another great defense for your holiday items is larger storage space. Many items break because there was not adequate space to store them. If you need to increase your holiday storage space, self storage could be a great solution! Give us a call at 1.866.531.2675 or visit a location near you to see how we can help you!

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