How to Protect and Store Your Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

How to Protect and Store Your Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

Step 1 – Clean in Between

Spray your skis and snowboard down thoroughly, but do not to force water into the bindings if possible. Do not use degreasers or detergent, as they could affect the binding lubricant. If there’s a nasty buildup of grease or spring pollen on the bases, usually manifested as a thick gloppy gray or black mess stuck to the base, try using a cloth dipped in a small amount of citrus solvent.

 Step 2 – Check the Edges

Make sure your edges are sharp and if not sharpen them or at least remove the most obvious burrs to reduce the chances of rust. Look for a good technician at a local ski shop to assist with this.

 Step 3 – Wax the Bases

It is important to wax your skis and boards to protect them from oxidation.  Do not scrape off the wax though. Be generous with the wax and be sure that you cover the edges, which will help keep rusting from occurring.

 Step 4 – Take in for a Tune Up

If you haven’t been out on the slopes yet this season, make sure to get a professional check and tune-up.  This is not only for the health of your skis, but also to help make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time.  Bindings and more need a good check especially at the start of the season.

 Step 5- Store Them

Find a decent place to store your ski and snowboarding equipment, preferably not in a garage that is not climate controlled.  A cool, dry place inside your house and out of the sun is best, but if you don’t have the room a self storage unit at Mini Price Storage is a great place!  We have unit sizes to fit everyone’s needs.  Call one of our storage professionals today for more information!  1-866-531-2675

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