Ready to jump into Spring? Here are some quick tips to get your home ready and welcome in the warmer weather.

Ready to jump into Spring? Here are some quick tips to get your home ready and welcome in the warmer weather.

Out with the old and in with the Fresh

All winter long your windows and doors are shut tight to keep out the frigid air.  This can create a build-up of stale musty odor in the home and trap allergens.

Solution: let the gentle breezes in! Open doors and windows on warmer sunny afternoons and let the fresh scent of Mother Nature cleanse your home of stale air and musty odors.  After about an hour, close the windows and doors and then take a cleaning cloth to surfaces to capture any pollen that might have settled in.  With a quick run of the vacuum cleaner your house will be breathing a sigh of relief.  It is amazing what a good airing out can do for the home – pure springtime freshness!

Make Room for a Fresh Springtime Harvest

Spring starts the season of enjoying all of the goodness that the Farmer’s Markets and roadside stands have to offer.  It also is the perfect time to do a quick inspection of the fridge and pantry to check for items that are either expired or have sat all winter long.  For example, maybe it is time to toss Aunt Harriet’s almost famous holiday fruitcake in the trash or donate to a local food bank one of the two chili spice gift sets you received.  And perhaps compost the dried out carrots or potatoes that are no longer edible. You can use the compost to plant and later harvest some garden edibles of your own.

Now you will have room for all the pints of fresh strawberries and blueberries you and the family pick at a local farm!

Pack up Old Man Winter Wear

It is great to cuddle up all winter long in warm fleece blankets and heavy sweaters, but soon enough even taking one look at those items will make you break into a sweat as spring temperatures begin to rise.  And with the winter we have had I am sure many of those items may be a little worse for wear.

Take a good look at your family’s inventory of cold weather clothing, bedding, and accessories.  Consider donating some things that your family may have out grown.  Or recycle old, stained sweatshirts by cutting them into small squares–they can be great cleaning cloths!

Now you can make way for some fun Spring fashion!

However, if you find that after packing up items for next winter that your home storage areas are busting at the seams, maybe it is time to consider more storage space.  The employees at Mini Price Storage help families tackle clutter every day by showing them a convenient and affordable way to store the items you are not quite ready to discard.  Mini Price Storage can help you reclaim the space in your home and truly let in the springtime fun!

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