Refresh Your Refrigerator

Refresh Your Refrigerator

Having an organized refrigerator can make you feel great. When you open the doors to clean shelves of neatly packaged foods, you can pull a great meal together. It might seem intimidating, but with the right tools, your fridge will be clean just a few hours. Here are the best steps to cleaning your refrigerator.

Remove the rubbish
Take everything out of the fridge and decide if you should keep each item. If the product is expired, it is best to throw away. If you have not used the product in the past year, also throw away. Clearing out the trash will clear up space and allow you to fit yummy ingredients you will use! Once the fridge is empty, wipe every surface down with a multi-purpose cleaner to make your fridge look brand new.

Line the fridge
Everyone’s vegetables and fruits go soft at some point. Plan proactively by lining each shelf and drawer to make the cleanup much more manageable. The Container Store recommends using a heavy-duty, water-resistant shelf liner to give your fridge the best protection.

Sort the smaller ingredients
Put all of the condiments, salad dressings, and sandwich fixings into groups based on their category. After this, take some time to figure out where these will fit best in your fridge. If necessary, buy new fridge organizers to take these items in and out of the refrigerator quickly.

Return the food
Now it is time to put everything back in the fridge! Returning your food may require a bit of planning. Having a system is key to having staying organized. Again, group these by categories. Put snacks in the front for easy access. Stack bottles or cans to save space. See what works for you and your home to best suit your family’s needs.

Source: The Container Store

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