Relocating in the Winter

Relocating in the Winter

Are you relocating in the winter season? Few people move at this time, but there are a number of advantages! Even those who do not prefer cold weather will be pleasantly surprised by the discounted rates for relocation services during these months. If you plan to move in the next couple of months, check out these tips to make the process easier.

Shop Around for Services

As mentioned above, you can often find affordable discounted rates at moving companies around this time of year. Shop around for different companies to see who can give you the most favorable deal. If you are a student, senior citizen, or military personnel, you can get discounts and other incentives that will be easy on your wallet.

Ready Your Homes

There is a lot to do when moving during this time of year. First, icy sidewalks can be a significant slipping hazard for you and your team. Salt the driveway, sidewalks, entry points, and walkways your team will use. Secondly, recognize that this move will bring salt and water onto the floor space of your home. Protect the floors of your home by placing down sheets, especially at the entrances. This way, most moisture, and abrasive materials are contained in the sheets, not the rest of your home. Thirdly, keep your utilities running. Apart from you and your moving team being cold, it can be dangerous not to run your utilities. Keep the heat on for a few days before you move in so that your pipes don’t burst on your first day there.

Be Flexible and Prepared

Winter weather is notoriously unpredictable. You may have to move your moving days around as storms come close. Always heed any warnings about snowy and icy road conditions, as it is advisable to wait out the danger. If you plan to drive longer distances, know what areas have hotels and motels if you need to make a stopover before you head out for the day. Equip your car with a winter emergency kit and build an essentials kit that includes warm clothes, toiletries, and phone chargers for unexpected overnight stays. Lastly, prepare yourself by doing a full inspection of your vehicle. If necessary, consider renting a moving truck to transport your things to give yourself a stress-free trip.

If you find yourself without a full inspection while relocating in the winter, consider using Mini Price Storage! We offer free move-in trucks to our customers so you can have a safe space for your things between residences. With this amenity and our fantastic move-in specials and heated units, this is a great solution if you need one. Find a location near you and talk to our representatives to schedule your tour today! 1-866-531-2675

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