RPS Teacher Supply Store Drive

RPS Teacher Supply Store Drive

In 2018, the Department of Education came out with some alarming statistics. 94% of teachers dip into their own pockets to fund the materials necessary for their classroom to be functioning and engaging. The average teacher spends $479 on their classroom. Many spend much more than that, some’s receipts passing $1000. These costs cover anything from basics like paper and pencils to more expensive supplies like lamination materials and colored printers. Furthermore, those in classrooms in worse-off districts often need to spend more than those in more affluent districts because they don’t have as many resources from their schools. These teachers who work in less affluent districts also may provide snacks to those who do not have much at home whereas this is not a big concern in other districts. The Richmond Public School system has developed a Teacher Supply Store to cover some of the basic necessities that a teacher will need to cover in their classroom. These materials are distributed to those teachers who need them for free! They rely heavily on donations from the public and Mini Price would like to help!

Our locations on Broad Street and Cowardin Avenue are hosting a school supply drive to benefit this teacher supply store through the summer! We are collecting all of the necessities for every grade level.

Here is a full list:

General School Items
● Erasers
● 200 sheet loose-leaf paper
● Colored pencils
● Pocket folders – three prong
● Zippered pencil pouch
● Binders – floppy three ring
● 3×5 index cards
● Dividers
● Four-function calculators
● Composition notebooks
● Clear protractor
● Spiral notebooks (70-100 pg)
● Ruler
● Glue sticks
● No. 2 pencils
● Highlighters

Early Childhood Items
● Painting smock
● Complete change of clothes (include underwear & socks) – various toddler sizes

General Elementary Items
● Markers (washable)
● Elmer’s glue
● Pocket folders
● Crayons (packs of 8, 16 & 24)
● 3-ring binder (1”)
● Tissues
● Erasable pens (red, blue, black)
● Scissors (blunt)
● Writing Pads
● Scissors
● Pocket dictionary & thesaurus
● Primary pencils
● Pencil Sharpener

General Middle School Items
● Binders – floppy three ring
● Pocket/travel size tissues
● Ballpoint pens (red, blue, black)

General High School Items
● Graphing or Scientific Calculator
● Subject dividers
● Gym T-Shirt & Shorts/Sweats (9th & 10th Grade Only)

Source: www.donorschoose.org

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