RV Organization Hacks To Get You Going

RV Organization Hacks To Get You Going

More and more are making the change to a nomadic lifestyle. According to the RV Industry Association, about one million Americans live full-time in recreational RVs. It is cheaper to downsize, and it can be fun to pick and go to a new place whenever you want. As great as RV living can be, it comes with challenges, including a small living space. But, if you know how to organize, you know there is always space to fit everyday things. Here are our favorite RV organization hacks!

Install an Over-the-Cabinet-Door Trash Can

Trash cans take up floor space in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Expand your area by putting unsightly trash tucked in a trash can attached to the inside of your cabinet doors. Walmart has an affordable option that clips directly onto the trash bag for $9. In addition, bed Bath & Beyond offers a trash can that will clip on directly to the door.

Use File Folder Holders for Pantry Items

Pantries are usually one of the most unorganized areas. Cutting boards, aluminum foil, trash bags, lights, and Ziploc bags can all become jumbled in the tight confines of an RV. File folder holders are a great way to get order in your cabinets. Fit any items that you would cram into a pantry drawer. These organizers from Amazon are great organizers you can use.

Install Shelving to Tackle Cluttered Cabinets

If file folders won’t work, try shelves. Lightweight shelving can make things easier to see and help you better group your item. Use shelving in your pantry cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or wherever you have closet space. Lowe’s has tons of options like this wire shelf that is easy to install in your closets and cabinets.

There are tons of ways to increase your RV organization, even in a limited space. With planning and some coordination, you won’t feel cramped in your home. If you need more structural changes to your RV home, try this article of ours.

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