Self-Storage: A Good Alternative to Higher Retail and Commercial Rents

Self-Storage: A Good Alternative to Higher Retail and Commercial Rents

The storage industry began in the 1960s with the simple idea of providing consumers a little more space to put things. If you happened to find a self-storage facility in the early days, it wouldn’t be much more than a shed or unsecured building in an industrial area outside of town. As the popularity of self-storage grew, so did the industry. It became easier to find storage facilities as they started to spring up everywhere, and as the industry grew, storage amenities grew as well.

Indeed, storage amenities are impressive these days. Most facilities are gated and many offer video surveillance. Companies such as Mini Price Storage even have individually alarmed units that are monitored by an outside security company when the office is closed. Perhaps the most modern amenity, however, is the business center.

Easier access to storage, low rents and attractive amenities are bringing about a natural shift in the storage industry. Storage isn’t just for furniture and boxes anymore. Small businesses and non-profit organizations are turning to traditionally residential self-storage as a means to secure cheap commercial storage space.

Non-profit organizations often need a place to store promotional and event material.  They store event booth equipment, tables, chairs, marketing materials, and promotional items.

Independent contractors have learned the value of self-storage. Whether it’s pharmaceutical sales or another sales industry that requires drop shipments of inventory, self-storage allows the representative to receive deliveries and have a place to store products throughout the month. Not all storage facilities accept or sign for deliveries, but this is an added bonus for those who do. Other independent contractors store machinery, tools, supplies or equipment they need for their trade.

Businesses are waking up to the convenience and affordability of self-storage from necessity, too. Some businesses discover self-storage through the unfortunate event of downsizing or closing their business.  With the turn of our economy in the mid-2000s, many small brick and mortar businesses had to close their doors. It’s not uncommon for a business to store furniture, kitchen equipment, inventory or other physical assets until they can decide how to liquidate them or open up in another location.

The storage industry also sees retail stores using local self-storage for additional space during the holiday season. Seasonal storage gives retail operators just enough addtional space to get through the busy high inventory season without a long term lease for additional floor space. And while retail stores use self-storage as a mini warehouse that’s cheaper than commercial or retail space, entrepreneurs are seeing the benefits of the industry as well.

As previously mentioned, companies like Mini Price Storage have introduced a modern amenity known as a Business Center. Entrepreneurs often do not need a 24-7 office space. Because they don’t need an office all of the time, it doesn’t make sense to rent a full service office. And while many entrepreneurs are connected to the internet through smart phones, they still need to touch down somewhere to print, copy, and fax. A Business Center at Mini Price Storage offers use of a full-sized computer and monitor with a reliable high-speed internet connection. Entrepreneurs can utilize phone and fax service, printing, copying and faxing. And the great thing about the Business Center is it is a free amenity for tenants who take advantage of the convenient and affordable storage at Mini Price.

The popularity of the storage industry in the business world has changed over the last decade out of necessity and good business sense. Storage is more convenient today than in the entire history of the industry. And more importantly, storage is an affordable alternative to higher retail and commercial rents.

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