Self Storage Can Be Entertaining

Self Storage Can Be Entertaining

Well maybe a self storage unit alone is not a barrel full of laughs, but it definitely has been inspiring the entertainment world for quite some time.  From movies to music, art to comedic performances, self storage has been used as the backdrop or center stage for some very meaningful productions.

Who could forget “The Andrea Doria” Seinfeld episode where Jerry takes Kramer to visit his self storage unit and they discover that Newman has been stock piling bags of undelivered mail.  This episode was filmed at an actual storage facility, Manhattan Mini Storage at 543 West 43rd Street.   Many people also remember George Carlin’s humorous “Stuff” comedy sketch from 1986.  This creative and thought provoking sketch referenced people, their numerous possessions, and the self storage industry.

The art world successfully embraced the self storage unit at the “10 X 10” exhibition. This annual art exhibition ran from 2007 to 2010 at Lake Worth Storage in Florida.  “10 X 10” challenged artists to use empty storage units to create specific installations and performances. Audiences of over 600 people were in attendance for each one-night showing.

More recently a wonderful feature length comedy was produced entitled Esposito.  Esposito is a comedy about a guy who becomes intrigued by the contents of a girl’s storage unit and decides to use them as leverage to win her heart. The film opened to great reviews at several indie film festivals. This film of course gets two thumbs up from several of us in the storage industry and is highly recommended for your viewing pleasure. For information on this creative film please check out this site: Esposito

Yes, even video games like “Locker Match” and “Cit-Tris” incorporate entertaining challenges utilizing storage units in their competitive multi-level games. Both games can be found online and played for free.

And you thought that you were renting just a boring empty space to store your stuff.  Self storage, inspiring and entertaining the masses for decades…who knew, right?


Some content research provided by Mark Beck of Mini Storage Messenger.

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