Shopping for Storage in Virginia? Look for These Security Measures

Shopping for Storage in Virginia? Look for These Security Measures

When shopping for storage in Virginia, take a close look at the security measures in place.  Does the facility have a secure fence around the property?  Does it have a controlled access gate that only opens if authorization is given to enter?  These are two of the five areas to investigate when looking for storage in Virginia.

Let’s take a quick look at each of them:

  • Secure fence around the perimeter of the property
  • Controlled access gate to prevent unauthorized entry
  • A heavy duty lock to secure your storage space
  • Security cameras that record activity
  • Individual security alarms on units


A secure fence around the perimeter of the storage facility discourages unauthorized entry.  Take a look at the fence around the property.  Is it in good condition?  Does it look and feel secure to you as a future tenant?

While a secure fence is a necessity, a controlled access gate increases security even more.  Controlled access simply means that the gate will not open unless you have a security code that authorizes you to enter the property.

You’ll find that most storage spaces in Virginia have these two security features.  Many of them also feature a heavy duty lock to secure the storage space.  Sometimes, the tenant may have to purchase a particular type of lock which is often sold by the storage company.  Mini Price Storage provides tenants with an industrial grade lock from American Lock.

Next, look for security cameras when shopping for storage in Virginia.  Are the cameras active and recording data?  How are the cameras monitored during office hours?  How are the cameras monitored when the office is closed?  Security cameras are an excellent way to record activity on the property and discourage unauthorized access and vandalism.

The last area to investigate to ensure you have the highest security available at your new storage facility in Virginia is individual security alarms on units.  An individual security alarm on your unit means an alarm will go off if your unit has unauthorized access.  The alarm system should be monitored by the staff during office hours and by an independent security company after hours, giving you 24/7 coverage.

Not all storage in Virginia is the same when it comes to security.  Ensuring you have all five of these security features will give you more peace of mind.  No matter what security is in place, talk to your storage specialist about insurance, and never hesitate to ask questions about security.


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