Shouses: Are They Right for You?

Shouses: Are They Right for You?

Have you heard of shouses? A “shouse” is a shophouse. The word comes from putting together the words shop and house! Shouses are becoming popular for those who want a dedicated workshop attached to their home. So what exactly is included with a shouse and is it right for you? We have all the facts.

What is in a shouse?

These structures are usually constructed with an open-concept plan. This provides more flexibility to add to it. This makes accommodating higher ceilings, larger windows, and oversized garage doors easy. Metal or wood pole frames eliminate the need for load-bearing walls. This space is generally connected to the home to allow easy entry from inside the house.

Who is interested in shouses?

While anyone can be interested in a shouse, welders, mechanics, construction workers, carpenters, and hobbyists benefit most from this structure. Distillers, artists, and many other professionals could also use the space to their advantage. Those who want to store multiple vehicles will benefit greatly from this space.

How much will a shouse cost?

Costs may vary but an average shouse costs between $50 and $120 per square foot. There are building kits that will make your life much easier. These kits include materials for the frame, roof, siding, windows, and doors. Often, these materials will be offered for a more reasonable price! Your interior costs include flooring, plumbing, countertops, ventilation, appliances, and any other amenities you want to add.

What are the advantages of having a shouse?

With a shouse, there are plenty of advantages! First, with a workshop attached to your home, there will be no commute. Secondly, you can build your workshop in any way that you want! Making a shouse leaves your workhouse to be completely customizable to your needs and interests. Lastly, this space can double as an additional storage area. Not only will you be able to store all your materials, but you can also add overflow from your house and even larger items like jet skis or second cars. Adding your shouse can help everyone no matter their hobbies and professions!

What are the disadvantages of shouses?

The biggest drawback of building a shouse will be the legalities. You may only be able to take one in a rural area. Check with your city codes before you get too far into planning your shouse. Secondly, if you plan on doing a lot of construction, your home can be pretty noisy. This may be fine if you are used to it, but many may find the noise hard to deal with. Additionally, with a metal exterior, external noises like wind and rain may be louder inside the shouse. Lastly, designing your shouse will take up space on your property and assess the size of your house. You will have to take this into account as you develop your housing plans.

How will you store your belongings while building your shouse?

Mini Price Storage has plenty of units to choose from as you build your dream workshop! You will have plenty of materials to get out of the way. Our sizes range from 4’x5′ and 10’x40′, fitting up to 15 rooms of furniture! Please use our storage guide to see which size fits your needs. Visit a location near you to make the building process easy for you!
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