Skipwith Elementary School Drive

Skipwith Elementary School Drive

We are proud to announce we are participating in Henrico County Public School’s 2019 School Supply Challenge!

Every year, the HCPS’s Department of Family and Community Engagement holds their School Supply Challenge to provide school supplies for the disadvantaged students of any of their challenged schools. Challenged schools qualify if a large percentage of the students either come from a lower socioeconomical background, have a wide range of academic needs, or scored lower on standardized tests. With more the 44% of HCPS’s students being disadvantaged, there is a huge need for this School Supply Challenge to give these students an advantage. Last year, 44 different corporations, small businesses, community organization, faith-based groups and neighborhoods provided for 47 schools.

This summer we are collecting for the Skipworth Elementary School until August 9!

Below is a list of their most needed supplies:
• Wide-ruled notebook paper
• #2 pencils
• Highlighters
• Black and white composition notebooks
• Lined index cards
• Pocket folders
• Washable markers
• Glue sticks
• Crayons
• Child-size scissors
• Pencil boxes
• Backpacks

Drop these supplies at our locations within Henrico County:
3511 Pemberton Road, Henrico, VA 23233
4396 Pouncey Tract Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060

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