Spread the Love With HER Shelter

Spread the Love With HER Shelter

Thank you to the Gelzinis Group for hosting the 3rd Annual Spread the Love Event to benefit the Help and Emergency Response, Inc. (HER Shelter). This event was an open house that gave back to the community with a collection drive and giveaway. Guests were asked to donate bed pillows, diapers, baby wipes, laundry pods, and twin bed-size sheets for HER Shelter. This nonprofit provides shelter and services to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, and sexual trafficking. In addition to its services, HER Shelter brings awareness and training to a community seeking a stable, violence-free environment. Their Chesapeake Domestic Violence Shelter, also called the Beazley Center for Hope, is a unique resource for the city serving a too often overlooked population.

We proudly donate to a group that uniquely serves the Chesapeake region. It is still possible if you would like to “Spread the Love” and support their efforts!

Spread the Love With HER Shelter

  • Make a financial donation online.
  • Fill needs through the list of in-kind donations.
  • Become a Male Mentor.
  • Become a Preschool Play Volunteer.
  • Become an HER Volunteer.
  • Host a member of their staff to speak at your event.

Find all information on these opportunities here.

If you want to contact the Gelzinis Realtor Group, contact them here!

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