Spring Cleaning For Your Storage Areas

Spring Cleaning For Your Storage Areas

Spring is finally here! That means it is time for a good spring cleaning. People address the areas they frequent in their homes pretty well during this seasonal ritual but don’t remember the storage areas! These spaces can become cluttered and dusty, which makes them more intimidating to clean. Here are some basic steps to keep these areas functional and tidy.


Closets often become a dumping ground for most homes. If you want a closet with a place for everything inside, an organized system is just on the horizon! Before you form a new system, start anew! Pull everything from the shelves and wipe down the floors, shelves, and storage containers. Also, clean any hangers, linens, or other items that may need to be washed. Once everything is clean, take an inventory of your things. Donate or toss any items you no longer need or want. Now rethink how you store things in your closets. Do you need more shelving? What do you think about dividers for your cubbies and drawers? Would it be advantageous to install hooks on the back of your door? These can significantly affect how opening and retrieving things from your closets feel.


While you don’t visit your attic every day, chances are you go in your attic several times a year to properly celebrate the holidays. If your attic is clear and clean, you can find everything you need to impress your family and neighbors during the seasons. To have a comfortable attic, you must go through your items. Many things accumulate in the attic that you don’t need. Is there anything you feel you should let go of? Is there anything that should go into another part of your home? If there are things that you can get out of the attic, you won’t find yourself dreading going up there as often. Once you know exactly what you want to store in the attic, it is time to group similar items. Use labels like Halloween outside decorations and baby items to help you find what you need specifically in the future. Use a color system in your plastic bins to help you further in the future. Strategically put your items around the sides and create a guide. You can laminate this guide and tack it to the entrance, so you have an easy map to find your things. Once you have that system down, increase the quality of your attic by dusting, sweeping, and cleaning the windows. Now you won’t mind going in there next year!

Self Storage Unit

For those who have a self storage unit, you know how convenient it can be to have a location to store items outside of the home. However, how often are these units included in the spring cleaning routine? Make a stop by your self storage facility to check on your items. First, you can empty your unit so that you can sweep out the floors of your unit. Second, clean any objects in your units that need good dusting. Thirdly, when you are ready to start putting your items back in, consider how you put them in. Try to organize your similar things together with each other. This way, you will remember everything when it comes time for a holiday or an event. Similarly to your attic, consider making a map to find items when you need them most.

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