Storage Space Opens Up Garage to Protect Your Car from Winter Woes

Storage Space Opens Up Garage to Protect Your Car from Winter Woes

Storage!  Storage! Storage!  Have you ever screamed for more storage space?  It’s that time of year again – time to winterize the house, pull out seasonal decorations and open up the garage to protect your car from the ravages of winter.  It might seem like you’re always tripping over something you don’t need in your garage.  Maybe it’s time to go to Mini Price for more storage space.

Let’s take a look at that garage.  Who needs patio furniture or pool supplies piled high?  The lawn ornaments are in for the winter.  The garden hose and gardening tools, including the tiller you won’t need until spring.  What else?  The riding lawnmower…now that takes up some space.  Ok, so you could get some of this stuff out of here and make room to keep the ice off your car this year.

Additional storage space at Mini Price Storage will also provide a place to winterize recreational vehicles, small boats, and water jet skis.  The drive up units are great for motorcycle storage in Virginia because you know we’ll have a few perfect days to ride even in the middle of winter.  Your bike is always ready but protected from the elements when winter snow and ice cover the roads.

Speaking of bikes, your family probably won’t be riding all those bicycles too much over the winter.  It’s amazing how much additional storage space you need.  Look around your garage.  You might find even more items that you simply don’t need every day.  Did your son or daughter go off to college and leave their high school trophy boxes?  Did you set up gym equipment in the garage but don’t use it?

You could easily open up space in your garage in an afternoon.  You might even have a few things in the house that could give you extra living space.  Most of us pull out a Christmas tree at the end of November and pack it away at the end of the year.  That means we need Christmas tree storage for about ten months of the year!  Couldn’t you use more storage space for Christmas decorations, including all those cute animated light up reindeer that take up so much room, lights, garland – everything that makes your home festive during the holiday season?

Mini Price Storage offers the best for less.  Our month to month agreements ensure you’re not locked into a long term contract.  That makes Mini Price the obvious choice for all your seasonal storage needs.  Stop by one of our locations to talk to one of our friendly representatives.  If you need more storage space, we’ve got it.

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