Storage When Renting Your Home

Storage When Renting Your Home

Turning your home into a popular AirBnB? It can be a great way to make some money when tourism is big in your area. You can find some great storage areas for those items your guests don’t want to see. Here are some of our favorite suggestions!

Store Under the Bed

Your bedroom is one of the most personalized rooms in any house. Personal books, pictures, knickknacks, and art projects should be put away to give your guests the best stay. Using an organizer, like these $12.99 boxes from IKEA to stow away your favorite items allows you to pack up and unpack easy. Just put all of your items in these storage containers and slide them under the bed easily. These organizers also give your guests a polished look if they happen to peek under the bed.

Invest In a Home Safe

If you have any valuable items you do not want to chance your guests taking, invest in a home safe. These are safes that can be hidden among your things. They come in all forms, from those hidden in the walls to ones that look like a book. Check out these smart places to hide your safe from Bobvila. Our pro tip? Don’t keep your key in the guest’s home to give yourself added security.

Use Your Attic, Basement, or Garage

These rooms are the least used rooms for short-term renters. If you have these available, use the space. Plastic tubs and shelving units can help add vertical storage. Use these spaces for your bigger, hard-to-hide possessions. Be cautious about storing items here which are sensitive to changes in humidity. These rooms also are prone to temperature changes throughout the year and may not keep your items safe.

Rent With Self Storage

Consider renting a self storage unit if you have items that require a little more protection in the hotter summer months. Mini Price Storage offers heating and cooling to offset temperature and humidity changes at the year’s extremes. We have sizes for all of your needs at affordable prices! Give us a call at 1.866.531.2675 to store with us today.

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