Storing Vintage Fashion

Storing Vintage Fashion

Vintage clothes can be some of the most finicky items to store. After years, the fabric naturally becomes looser and more prone to damage. In order to keep your vintage in good shape, you will want to make sure that not only are the clothes are being cared for and stored properly but that the space is being maintained appropriately.

It is important to note that before packing away anything, make sure to wash your fabrics. Stains can set after many years, even the invisible ones! Washing all clothes ensure that no deodorant stains will creep up decades later.

Vintage clothes have unique needs. They need much more attention to avoid damage. When packing your clothes, make sure to avoid hanging up your clothes. Many vintage items have already suffered enough stress from years on a hanger. To take that stress off of the shoulders, fold these items at their waist. You are not only preventing tears but also preventing hanger humps! Also, avoid stacking when you can as gravity will force the bottom items to crease at their folds. If you must stack, place your heavier items at the bottom as it is harder for them to crease. Place each in a closed, unbleached muslin-lined cardboard box. Vintage items can get damaged by many things; ultraviolet rays from light can lighten and discolor your clothes, the acid in unlined-paper boxes will deteriorate your fabrics, and plastic covers (as opposed to other types of boxes) will not allow your fabric to breath properly with the changing temperatures as they need to. Using a closed unbleached muslin-lined cardboard box is the only way to ensure damage is not being done to your materials.

When everything is packed away, make sure the storage space is right for your fabrics. Climate-controlled units are the best to let the fabrics expand and contract with the seasons. Be sure to put the boxes close to the front of the unit so you can check on them every 3 to 4 months. Refold your fabrics to avoid creases during this time also helps!

Source: Vintagevixen.com

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