Storm Surge, Inland Flooding, High Winds Are You Prepared For The Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Storm Surge, Inland Flooding, High Winds Are You Prepared For The Atlantic Hurricane Season?

We’re still at the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. It’s not too late to do a little bit of research and preparation to protect your home and business from the ravages of unpredictable storms. Two things you can do right away include visiting the National Hurricane Center website where you’ll be able to watch educational videos and prepare an emergency checklist and kit.

In addition to these measures, Mini Price Storage suggests you to take a walk around your home and business. Is your structure (home or business) located in a flood zone? Hurricane damage comes from three sources: storm surges, inland flooding, and high winds. If you live an area prone to flooding, move your belongings and park your vehicles on higher ground.

Think about flooding before a storm is upon you. You can get a flood policy with your insurance company; however, FEMA requires them to put a 30-day hold on the policy before it goes into effect. In the storage industry, we see people come to us after the storm – after their home or business is under water – in an effort to salvage furniture, clothing, or other things that must be removed during restoration. If you know your home or business is in a flood zone, think about storage before the storm.

In addition to flooding, high winds cause an incredible amount of damage during a hurricane. Take a walk around your yard. Notice anything that might need to be tied down or moved inside. Children’s toys, patio furniture, and lawn ornaments can quickly become airborne projectiles. Cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and other recreational vehicles should also be secured and moved indoors if possible.

If you do not have a garage, think about renting a storage unit for the hurricane season. This gives you a “garage” to park your car, toys, and lawn equipment. After the season, that extra garage might be a good place to store plywood used to board windows, generators, extension cords, grills, water bottles, and your emergency kits.

If you do have a garage, take a good look at it to see if it fully serves your requirements. For example, a riding lawn mower and motorcycle in your garage may make it difficult to move in your car, your spouse’s car, the gas grill, deck furniture…well, you get the picture. Sometimes, your garage just isn’t big enough. While you may not need a garage-sized unit, a smaller storage unit during the hurricane season can give you that additional peace of mind.

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