The Best Ways to Declutter Before the Holidays

The Best Ways to Declutter Before the Holidays

Start a pre-holiday decluttering mission to prepare for a joyful holiday season filled with cheer and entertaining. While it’s beneficial to maintain an organized home throughout the year, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and the clutter gets out of control. With the tips below, we’ll help you tackle the clutter and create a welcoming space for family and friends this holiday season.

Commence Early and Craft a Strategy

Decluttering, especially with a deadline looming, can be challenging. Ensure your success by starting the process early. Procrastination may lead to a last-minute rush, so establish a plan so you are not stressed out and adhere to your timeline.

Evaluate Holiday Decorations

Consider donating or discarding holiday decorations that lack sentimental value or those of which you have duplicates—such as excess lights, broken artificial trees, or outdated candles. Keep items that hold special memories or contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Select Target Areas for Decluttering

Realize that you may not have the time to declutter every corner of your home before holiday guests arrive. Develop a holiday cleaning checklist that prioritizes the spaces where your guests will spend the most time. Once you’ve tackled these priority areas, move on to other rooms. Don’t stress if you can’t get to less visible spaces, like your bedroom.


Decluttering your entryway in advance will make it easier to maintain order throughout the holiday season. Entryways often accumulate shoes, coats, and other outwear. So tidy up to provide your guests with a welcoming space. Consider placing a rug in the entryway to protect your carpet from potential damage. If you have a closet, go through it and donate any items you no longer use.

Living Room

The living room is a focal point for pre-holiday decluttering. Create space for festive activities by clearing the living room of unnecessary things. A clutter-free living room serves as a blank canvas for your holiday decorations. Don’t forget to fluff up your pillows for added coziness.


Examine your counters closely. Let go of small appliances taking up valuable space if they haven’t been used in a while. Consider going digital with recipes to clear space occupied by cookbooks. Maximize counter space for meal prep and holiday treats.

Guest Room

If you anticipate overnight guests, declutter the guest room for a comfortable stay. Avoid using the guest room as a hiding spot for items cleared from other parts of the house. Eliminate unnecessary items, including linens and craft supplies. Create space in closets and dressers for your guests’ belongings.

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