The Good News Community Kitchen

The Good News Community Kitchen

The Good News Community Kitchen is a nonprofit fighting hunger one meal at a time. This organization rebuilds and strengthens communities in Northern Virginia and the Washington District of Columbia Metropolitan area. They eradicate root causes of food insecurity and positively influence their community through hunger relief, hygiene essentials, and workforce development. Through Outreach, inclusion, unity, integrity, compassion, and service, veterans, students, seniors, domestic violence survivors, and families in need can get the resources they need. These are values that Mini Price Storage can get behind.

Yesterday, our Woodbridge team at 2645 Prince William Parkway volunteered to create snack packs for the Good News Community Kitchen. The snack packs go to families in Prince William and Fairfax County as part of their Meal Kits. This is just one way you can help those around you!

The Good News Community Kitchen Support

There are plenty of other kinds of volunteering opportunities to take advantage of. Their mobile meals, hygiene heroes, and trends to transition all have options for you. Contact their office to see what they have available for you.

Do you not have time to volunteer? Donate online! It is easy and the most direct way to help the group.

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