The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Perfect Unit

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Perfect Unit

If you never rented a storage unit, you might not know there are plenty of storage options. There are many things to think about when renting a storage unit, and we have everything you’ll ever need when choosing your unit below!

Make a list of items to be put in storage.
It might seem unnecessary, but it will help you greatly in the future if you create a list of every item you will want to put into storage and note any larger items’ dimensions. This will come in handy later when you are picking out the size. Keep this list handy as you make the rest of your decisions.

Look for a storage facility.
When you are looking for a storage facility, pay attention to all of the amenities the facilities offer. Here are some of the most important features to look for:

  • What is security like? Are there cameras around the property with a clear, unobstructed view of the walkways? Is there a gated entryway to deter intruders? What are the locks like at the unit? What additional safety measures does the company take? Safety and security are a must when considering self-storage. Make sure your things are protected with our Self-Storage Security Guide to evaluate each facility’s dedication to protection properly.
  • What hours do they operate with? Are these hours convenient for your lifestyle? How often are staff on the property? A facility that operates out of convenient hours with staff onsite to assist with any questions would be preferred.
  • What moving aids do they offer? Do these cost you extra? Things like free move-in trucks, free dollies, and a large, well-maintained elevator will make your trips productive and quick!
  • What capabilities are these facilities providing to protect your items while they sit in storage? Hot summer days and cold winter nights drastically change the humidity throughout the year. Your items can be affected if the facility does not have defensive mechanisms. Heating and cooling can be the best way to keep your items safe during these temperature changes year-round. Visit our FREE HEATING AND COOLING site for more information.
  • What precautions has the company taken since COVID-19? Your storage experience has to take extra steps to be a safe experience, just like everything else in this new way of life. Look for No Contact Rental processes described on their website to give yourself the best experience.

If you are still deciding between a couple of facilities, now would be the time to visit each and schedule a tour. As they take you through the halls, please take note of the facility and ask them about each of the items above. Your self-storage provider should be able to give you clear, reassuring answers that match the answers found on their website. Once you find the right storage provider, you are ready to choose your unit!

Choose the perfect unit for you.
Finally, you get to choose your unit! Grab the list you made earlier and use it to gauge the size of the unit you will need. Some companies have a size guide that will help visualize what size you need, like THIS ONE. You can also call the store and take to one of their representatives to get their expertise on this subject. Take into account the dimensions of some of the larger items. Also, account for a walkway to the back for easy access to all of your items. Do this by drawing a map of where everything will go. PRO TIP: Put the items you will often be retrieving to the unit’s front and the lesser-used items in the back.

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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