This Is What We Do

This Is What We Do

Mini Price Storage employees volunteering at The Dwelling Place

Article By: Julie Butts, Self Storage Expert

The Dwelling Place is an emergency family shelter located in Norfolk, Virginia. Their mission is to provide a supportive and structured environment to help stabilize families through a variety of programs including parenting workshops, employment readiness training, and assistance in finding housing.  The organization operates out of three story house which was built in 1905. Due to the size and age of the building, volunteers are always needed to help out with maintenance, cleaning and upgrades. When Mini Price Storage heard about this need, ten employees joined together to make a difference.

On a cold day in February, they gathered at the steps of The Dwelling Place to see how they could lend a hand – well actually, quite a few hands! They started with a task that seemed to fit perfectly with Mini Price Storage. They were assigned three storage sheds and asked to organize them. One of the employees commented, “this is what we do” when asked if they were willing to work on the storage sheds.  Mini Price Storage employees often give recommendations on how to pack and organize storage units to get the best use out of available space and readily access important items. This task really was right in line with storage.

After tending to the outdoor storage sheds, these volunteers took their organizational skills inside. Some of the staff worked in the children’s room cleaning and organizing a reading corner with children’s books while others folded clothing in the boutique. Later, the group assembled downstairs in the basement to sort through cleaning supplies recently donated to the charity. These volunteers were relentless in their willingness to help out. The leadership of Mini Price Storage is both proud and honored by the efforts of these hardworking employees.

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