This Mother’s Day Show You Care With Self Storage

This Mother’s Day Show You Care With Self Storage

Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re looking for a memorable, useful gift, why not choose self storage? Your mom deserves the world, so make her world a little easier to navigate by freeing up her space! First, help her clear clutter from her home, office, car, or wherever pesky piles end up forming. Then, take her to Virginia’s premier self storage company, Mini Price Storage! We have what you need to wow your mother on her special day.

We utilize top-of-the-line security features in the industry. Controlled gates with passcode entrance to deter unwanted intruders, top-notch heavy-duty locks, on-site cameras, good lighting, and professional staff all give a high level of unmatched security.

We are prepared for long-term rentals with FREE heating and cooling year-round. In other words, this helps your belongings keep in good shape through hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. Our FREE move-in trucks and on-site dollies make your move-in day convenient. Similarly, every facility has a wall fully stocked with moving supplies you will need for your trip. Bubble wrap, sofa covers, packing peanuts, and cardboard boxes of every size are all offered at half off for every tenant! That is to say; this will save you trips to the store and money in your pocket.

Every facility has sizes for all of your needs. We have everything from small lockers to larger spaces at our locations through Virginia. Take a look at our STORAGE GUIDE to see which size will fit your needs best. Our storage experts are ready for any questions you may have at 1.866.531.2675. Call them to talk more about what you need, and they will help you with your questions.

We have several locations currently through the Richmond and South Hampton Roads, and we are growing! Check our LOCATIONS page to take your tour today or make a reservation through THIS LINK to make your Mother’s Day successful.

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