Tiny Home Storage Tips Worth Stealing

Tiny Home Storage Tips Worth Stealing

Many find themselves limited in storage space in the house and can take notes from tiny home storage tips. Apartment renters, those transitioning into new homes, and those downsizing for retirement all have to find ways to fit their things in creative, utilitarian ways. Those who live in tiny houses are accustomed to working in small spaces. Here are some tips you can bring from the tiny home to your lifestyle.

Under the Stairs

One of the best tiny home storage tips is to not waste any potential storage space. So that is why tiny home owners take advantage of the space under the staircase. Some use the stair steps as individual slide-out drawers, but if you want a different look, you can build a closet underneath that pulls out from the side. Depending on your staircase, you could even add a small secret room.

Multi-Purpose and Foldable Furniture

Those living in tiny homes favor furniture that serves multiple purposes. When you need too many things can double to fulfill different roles. Desks can be. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your home, check out some of these listings for multifunctional furniture from Living in a Shoe Box.

Another great thing tiny homeowners use is furniture that folds up into the home. For instance, tiny homes often feature pull-out countertop space. This tip is great because you can make the room bigger when you don’t need the space. This tip also saves on dead space in your home.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is your best friend when working with limited space, especially in places like your kitchen. Get your appliance off the counter and into cubbies that hang on the wall. You can even build your cabinets to the ceiling to give yourself more vertical space. Bringing things away from your working space can make your room seem more extensive and more relaxing.

You want to be comfortable in your home. Self-storage may be the solution if you have tried to create more space but have too many things. Mini Price Storage has top-notch security, phenomenal customer service, and free heating and cooling to offset extreme temperature effects throughout the year. Please tour the location near you to see why we are the best in Virginia.

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