What to Know About Moving To Richmond

What to Know About Moving To Richmond

Are you thinking of moving to Richmond, Virginia? The River City holds deep history, rich culture, and great living conditions for people of all walks of life. Before you make your move, here is what you need to know before moving to Richmond.

Get To Know The Deep Local History

Becoming an independent city as far back as 1871, it is no surprise that the capital of Virginia holds a deep history. Visit any of the city’s numerous landmarks to learn how it has transformed from being a part of the early British colonies to the metropolitan city it is today. Visit St. John’s Church where Patrick Henry gave his infamous speech, “Liberty or Death.” Admire the architecture of the Virginia State Capitol, and it’s manicured landscape in the surrounding Capitol Square. Tally up the famous lives that were laid to rest at the Hollywood Cemetery, which include iconic U.S. Presidents, such as James Monroe and John Tyler.

There Is a Unique Culture

Richmond has a one-of-a-kind personality. It holds a huge arts scene that brings a ton of life to their city. The Richmond Mural Project has turned many of the city’s walls into beautiful art projects. There is even a two-day festival in May called Arts in the Park, which features standout artists’ original works. Speaking of festivals, there is an event for seemingly every kind of fan out there. Among the top are the Richmond Folk Festival, Broad Appetit, which features signature dishes from 70 local restaurants, and the HeART & Soul Brewfest highlighting soul food, modern art, and hip-hop music. Richmond also loves their food. This city holds something for everyone in its diverse population. You won’t have a problem finding groups that share your passions or finding new passions!

It Has Great Living Conditions

Richmond has great living conditions for several reasons. You can enjoy all four seasons. Nice, comfortable springs are followed by hot, humid summers and then cool, rainy autumns with comfortably snowy winters to end out the year. In addition to nice weather, the city exhibits a low cost of living that is 6% less than the national average. It offers affordable housing that is 15% less than the national average and has remained steady in recent years. Richmond has a healthy job market with low unemployment. With everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies hiring, there are opportunities in every field.

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