Working From Home? Self Storage Can Help!

Working From Home? Self Storage Can Help!

If you have been working from home, you may be settling in for a long-term change. But are you ready to do this permanently? Here are the best ways to make working from home work from you.

Establish Strong Boundaries

Working from home could also mean balancing home tasks more carefully against your time at work. Firm boundaries need to be set for yourself and those around you to keep you productive. Set up your hours and only work during those hours. Close doors to your space, so kids and pets do not disturb you. Use a planner to stick to a routine that works for you and stay on task all day.

Use Plants to Manage Stress

Plants work wonders when you are under stress. One Japanese study found that looking at a plant for 3 minutes a day could reduce stress during a workday. Not only that, but plants add color and fresh air to your workspace. Scared of your black thumb? Try a pothos plant; they can grow in pitch-black darkness and ever survive under or over-watering!

Get a Home Office

For those of us without a home office, consider creating one. Using a spare room as an office can put you at your most productive. Install a functional desk big enough to hold your computer, planner, sticky notes, and pens. Make use of nearby shelving units for any big books or notebooks. Make the space yours with photos, motivational quotes, knickknacks, or your favorite pieces of art. Get quality lighting by taking advantage of any natural light from big windows or good lamps to protect your eyes.

Declutter Your Space

No matter where you choose to work, it is critical to declutter and organize. You can’t be productive in a disorganized room. Desk organizers and filing cabinets can keep some of the mess in order but if you require a space to hide bigger items like furniture and home décor that no longer goes in your new home office, try self storage. We offer free heating and cooling services year-round to help you transition to this new way of life. Find a storage unit near you!

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