Climate Control

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Many individuals have diverse preferences when it comes to climate control solutions, ranging from heating and cooling to humidity regulation. Regardless of the season, we proudly offer climate controlled units at our storage facilities. Items can be stored within a temperature range to reduce extreme temperature fluctuations. And there is no additional charge for climate control at Mini Price Storage! That’s right. Our climate-controlled units come at no extra cost to you. This reinforces our commitment to providing top-notch storage solutions without additional financial burdens.

At Mini Price Storage, our top priority is ensuring your convenience and providing you with the best storage experience possible. We offer nearby locations, dollies for moving in and out, a free move-in truck, and a free lock for each unit. You will unlikely find this much free stuff at our competitors. If you are looking for “storage near me,” discover the Mini Price Storage difference today and take advantage of our climate-controlled units!

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