How to Stay Organized When Storing Your Belongings!

How to Stay Organized When Storing Your Belongings!

Self-storage units are an excellent solution for individuals who don’t have enough space to keep all their possessions. However, clutter in your home can easily become clutter in your rented storage unit without a good organizational strategy.

Get the most out of your storage space while gaining convenient access to your belongings when you need them by taking inventory of your items! This is crucial to know exactly what and where everything is. Keep a detailed digital record on an excel spreadsheet so you will never lose it.

These most important things to note are:

  • A description of the item
  • The category of the item
  • The seasonality of the item
  • The date of storage
  • The location of the item in storage

This strategy will save you time and give you peace of mind!

Source: Security Self Storage

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