Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

Pantries can be one of the most overlooked spaces in our home. As one of the most popular spaces of the house, we should put effort into making this an organized space. TheKitchn has created 5 ways to clean your pantry and keep it clean!

Use clear containers and label them.

These clear, labeled containers are the first steps to decluttering your overcrowded pantry shelves. Take every bag of rice and put it into one container and you instantly can see how much space you just saved. This is the best solution for storing bulk-bin items.

Assess your pantry on a weekly basis.

Dedicate a few moments in your week to take note of what you have. Doing this before you go grocery shopping is a great time because you will not buy multiples at the store. If you know what is in your pantry then you know exactly what to buy and you can avoid overstuffing your shelves.

Use sheet pans to group like with like.

Sheet pans allow you to group like-with-like with ease which in turn makes your closet look well-organized and neat. Additionally, these pans can help catch any leaks or spills before they ruin your pantry shelves.

Take 10 minutes every day to tidy your pantry.

Practice, practice, practice! Just a little bit of work every day makes for an orderly pantry and saves you time in the long run. Wipe down shelves, keep labels facing outwards, group like-with-like and toss any expired items.

Make use of household items to give your pantry more storage space.

Sheet pans are not the only materials that can hold your food! Crates, magazine racks, and even pencil holders are all great and inexpensive ways to create storage within your pantry.

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