Welcome Kristiana to Our Team!

Welcome Kristiana to Our Team!

We have a new member that came to us after seeing what we do for our customers. Please help us welcome Kristiana C. to our team! Here is a little more about her and how she came to work for us.

How Kristiana Became Interested in Joining the Mini Price Storage Team

Kristiana got to know Mini Price Storage while helping a friend move into their unit at our Virginia Beach Boulevard location. When she toured the facility, which impressed as our knowledgeable staff described our fantastic deals and convenient amenities. Our free move-in trucks built an easy move-in day for her and her friend, which contrasted previous storage companies she used. While at our facility, she recognized a former classmate working with us. After catching up, Kristiana got the inside scoop on working with Mini Price Storage. She learned about our excellent management team and a social, positive team to interact with daily. We left a great impression on Kristiana during her visits, and these impressions stuck with her as she saw we were hiring at our corporate location!

What Kristiana Likes Most About Working for Mini Price Storage So Far

There are many things Kristian has enjoyed about working with Mini Price Storage over the past couple of months. The leadership structure, training program, encouraging atmosphere, updated space, and work schedule all build an outstanding work-life balance for her. These draws keep her coming in each day with a positive mindset. At other companies, she felt like just another number, but she likes that we encourage our representatives to break the mold. She is proud to work for a company that treats its employees and customers well.

What Kristiana Likes Most About the South Hampton Roads Area

As a military child, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that Kristiana grew up here for some time. She has enjoyed getting to know the area and finds the diversity and military aspects exciting. South Hampton Roads is a family-friendly area with plenty for her to do on any given weekend.

Things Kristiana Enjoys Doing in Her Spare Time

In her free time, Kristiana does things to recenter herself. She often finds herself writing poetry or creating abstract art to pass the time and expand her mind.

Kristiana, thank you for being here! We are very happy to have you on the team!

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